Power Screeds

Power Screed

Northrock's Power Screed offers a field-proven vibration system that delivers consistent smoothness and consolidation when striking off concrete floors. 

New Gas Series

The New Northrock PRO3200 Series Power Screeds are designed for the professional concrete contractor and provide rapid con- solidation of concrete floors while improv- ing the quality and flatness of the finished product. Patented Northrock magnesium blades cut and roll the concrete in front of the screed, reducing the need for grading while the ten-inch-wide shoe promotes flatter floors. Available with blades from 2' to 12'. The PRO3200 Series is simple to set up and easy to run. 

Powerd for Speed and Fuel Economy

The 35cc, 4-cycle Honda engine powers a well-engineered and field-proven eccentric weight system to frequencies up to 6,000 vpm. This system is mounted on an angle to the blade, allowing the vibration to be transmitted both horizontally and verti- cally. The combination of high frequency combined with the angled eccentric system design promotes smoothness and rapid consolidation of the mix. 

User Friendly

The PRO3200 Series is designed and built for high productivity and ease of use. Large rubber shock mounts direct vibrations away from the operator and down into the mix. A strong, lightweight frame allows the blades to be changed in seconds while the pull handle adjusts quickly to the operator's height for optimum productivity and fatigue-free screeding. The power unit and frame weigh in at only 28 pounds, making the system easy to maneuver and transport around the site or site to site. The New Northrock PRO32OO Series increases productivity and decreases labor and time on numerous concrete applications. For more information or a demonstration, contact your local Northrock dealer or call Northrock directly at 1 -800-989-8423.